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Join Beth Taubner, from Mercurylab, in her half-day workshop - How to distill your brand, market with clarity, and build revenue 

Café life has returned - and along with it, lots of competition! How do you build your brand to own your market?

In this workshop, taking place on 1st September, 2:30-5:30, International Transformational Brand Strategist and Creative Director Beth Taubner of Mercurylab will share her extensive cross-sector knowledge to highlight steps that café and hospitality businesses and their suppliers can apply to brand, market, and profoundly increase the bottom line. Attendees will be exposed to the larger world of brand strategy and learn how brands build their story and marketing based on emotional brand differentiation, with real-world results.

Beth will connect the dots, from meaning to tactics, from team building to perception management, from visuals, packaging, and graphic identity through to how you speak, use imagery and distill your message on a variety of platforms. She will discuss how to develop an authentic understanding of your values and how they dovetail with your customer’s values, so that you and your products and services are in alignment at the deepest level, resulting in consumer loyalty and increased sales.

Whether you're expanding, starting out, or looking to reposition and refine your products or business, you will learn how to….

  • Create a brand strategy blueprint for your business that will profoundly impact your bottom line
  • Go beyond your company's basic capabilities and thrive using your emotional brand traits as the center of all you do
  • Think like a “brand analyst” and apply this powerful approach to your own offerings
  • Dissect case study hospitality brands together to understand how they became the ones to beat in their arena, and how it applies to you
  • Develop the tools to excavate your emotional attributes and use them at the center of your strategic plan, communications, and marketing
  • Expand with confidence into brand-based content creation and marketing tools
  • Connect and form long-term relationships with your consumers

We will be doing breakout teams as part of our workshop so that you will put your new analytical skills to use immediately with a dynamic, real-world understanding of brand meaning, development, communications and marketing and how it applies to you. 

Please join in and bring your questions!! 

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£98 + vat per person



Beth Taubner

International Transformational Brand Strategist and Creative Director of Mercurylab.