28-29 October 2019 Business Design Centre

The Cupping Zone

The Cupping Zone - sponsored by:  

Cupping is the standardised protocol used for quality control, selection of coffees when a roaster is deciding on coffees to buy and even deciding on the best coffee in a particular country! Put simply, it's a great way to taste coffees side by side at the same time. The Cupping Zone is hosting some unbelievable roasters from around the UK and we're so excited to taste what these roasters currently have on offer. This space will be open to everyone and we highly encourage complete beginners to come and have a slurp! (Don't worry you'll see).

Here is a run down of the sessions...

Monday 28th October
11:30am: Brew Coffee Plus 
12:30pm: Kore Directive Educational Cupping        
14:00pm: Pharmacie 
15:00pm: Plot
16:00pm: Climpson & Sons

Tuesday 29th October 
10:30am: Square Mile 
11:30am: Moonroast
12:30pm: Kore Directive Educational Cupping        
14:00pm: Peru Coffee Trade 
15:00pm: Exmouth


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We are delighted to announce that our visitor registration for this year's event is now live, this is free to all members of the trade, simply complete the form and submit to receive your free trade visitor badges. 


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