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The Tea Brewers Championship

Caffè Culture is delighted to be partnering with the UK Tea Academy this year to host the 2nd heat of the Tea Brewers Championship, with the semi’s and final taking place at the inaugural London Tea Show in 2020.

The Competitions: 
Classic Brewing and tasting skills session: Candidates will be asked to prepare the perfect cup of tea in each category of teas (green, white, black, yellow etc.) using the classic methods and classic standards (water gr, gr of tea, different temperatures)

Description and tasting notes comparison vs actual taste of the competitor’s chosen teas for the preparation of the classic teas per each category. 

Signature Drink session: The competitors will showcase a signature Tea Based Drink of their choice/invention, this can be prepared using any chosen brewing/extraction methods and can contain different ingredients including spirits, syrups, veg and fruits, and it can be a cold and/or hot drink. 

Description and tasting notes comparison vs actual taste of the competitor’s signature drink chosen tea (prepared in a classic way and with no added ingredients).

FIRST PRIZE: The grand winner of the UK Tea Brewer's Championship will win free Tea Champion and Tea Sommelier courses with the UKTA (or other UKTA courses to the value of £1000 if these courses have been completed).

Runners up will win a selection of fine Limited Edition teas from top tea companies.

For the official rules and regulations follow this link 

The competition is open to anyone working in the tea serving industry (i.e. working in: Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, Tea Houses, Tea Rooms, Coffee Shops, Tea/Coffee companies) and dedicated amateur tea brewers.

If you would like to enter the Tea Brewers Championship click here to complete the entry form. 

If you are interested in exhibiting at The London Tea Show click here 


Only loose teas shall be used during the competition (infusions shall not be used for the preparation of the signature drinks unless they contain pure teas in them).

The Candidates will have to bring their chosen teas to prepare their signature drink; they will need to be able to explain the reasons behind their choice and the tasting profile of their teas while doing the brewing.

The signature drink shall be the same throughout the competition and shall be tasting consistently also throughout the competition. 

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