28-29 October 2019 Business Design Centre

The Victoria Arduino Experience 

The Victoria Arduino Experience roasters include:

Presenting an impressive selection of the UK’s best speciality coffee roasters, The Victoria Arduino Experience promises to deliver delicious coffee and heighten your senses by challenging your understanding of how it travels from bean to cup. 

Showcasing patented technology from Victoria Arduino to highlight some of the many variables in brewing espresso, all that stands between you and some fantastic prizes is your taste buds and nerves of steel.

Can you tell the difference between espresso brewed at 89deg and 94deg? Does soft water vs hard water really affect the final flavour? At what speed should I grind my coffee beans for maximum flavour?

These and many more questions will be asked, but only you can provide the answers. We look forward to welcoming you to the Victoria Arduino Experience at Caffè Culture 2019.

Full information about Victoria Arduino’s challenges will be released in the coming weeks. Learn more about Victoria Arduino.


The Victoria Arduino Experience roasters include:


We are delighted to announce that our visitor registration for this year's event is now live, this is free to all members of the trade, simply complete the form and submit to receive your free trade visitor badges. 


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