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Come and taste some sublime speciality filter coffees brewed expertly by Tone's revolutionary Touch 03 brewer

For those looking for a more in-depth sensory experience at Caffè Culture this year, the specialty coffee Brew Bar is being brought to you in partnership with prominent Swiss brewer Tone, whose mission is to elevate the precision of temperature and flow control with their revolutionary Touch 03 brewer. 

Hosting some of the UK’s most talented coffee roasters, all visitors will be given the opportunity to test their palates by exploring the frontiers of brewing using the boilerless and easy-to-use intuitive software. 

All baristas and roasters are cordially invited to bring their own coffee to the Brew Bar to experience the unlimited range of the Touch 03 and create your own perfect profile - all at the touch of a button. 

This unique feature will be announcing a full programme of exciting and interactive challenges in the coming weeks, so make sure you register today for all updates. 

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Brew Bar Timings

Thursday, 1 September

10:30: Cuppers Choice

12:00: Atkinson

13:30: Volcano

15:00: Harmony

Friday, 2 September

10:30: Cuppers Choice

12:00: Missing Bean

13:30: Alchemy

15:00: Curve