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Get hands on and immerse yourself in the Victoria Arduino Experience, a multi-disciplinary feature new to Caffè Culture 2023.


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This year the team at Victoria Arduino have created a host of engaging and exciting experiences at their coffee shop-style stand. 

Through tastings, audio and visual experiences and more, you’ll have the opportunity to hear first-hand from world-renowned roasters and coffee shops. All taking it in turn to share not only their products, but their business practices, stories and journeys with Victoria Arduino machines - Learn what makes ‘best practice’, how technology has revolutionised how they work and more.

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This year, Victoria Arduino is using their platform to highlight both their machinery, but also their partners. Delving into how machinery directly correlates and contributes to sustainability, best practices, productivity, workflow and growing your brand in the most ethical way. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the team on their dual aspect stand, as they are joining forces with partners world renowned and famously dubbed ‘World's most Instagrammable Café’,  EL&N. 

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The talented EL&N team will be hosting a full and immersive experience on stand, bringing a bespoke, handmade selection of their well loved pastries and specialist drinks for the show - you’ll also be able to take a seat at the serving bar stand, where there’s room for you to immerse yourself in the EL&N / VA video, with headphones and screens on stand, where you’ll be able to learn more about the business, how machinery helps with workflow, practices and day-to-day flow of the site. As well as learning more about the magic of EL&N. 

The VA team will also be showcasing for the first time in-person, the all new Eagle TEMPO machine, with demonstrations on how TEMPO  technology can help increase productivity, aid with training costs and stresses, and keep consistency at the forefront of business operations.

The Black Eagle Maverick will also be on stand for demos, meaning you’ll be able to get hands-on with groundbreaking Purebrew technology, learning how tea and filter coffee can be made with precision, with unlimited opportunities for menu expansion, mixology possibilities and more, when it comes to beverage development within hospitality, no matter what the business type. 

Victoria Arduino invites attendees to immerse themselves in demonstrations, conversations and a world of possibilities this Caffe Culture 2023.

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