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The Roasters Zone

Come and experience some award-winning speciality coffee in this year's Roasters Zone, which is brought to you by new event partner Dalla Corte.

Discover the Finest UK Roasters

A selection of the UK's finest roasters will be perfecting the art of espresso for you to devour, so whether you are looking to taste the more exotic single origin flavour profiles or prefer the more finely balanced and well-rounded blends, make sure you give yourself enough time to explore and savour the full range of coffee on offer! 

Stay Tuned

All 12 speciality roasters will be announced in the coming weeks but see below if your favourite one will be showing-off their skills this coming October!

Elevate your experience

Dalla Corte will bring the ultimate espresso experience to the Caffѐ Culture Roasters Zone with their Dalla Corte Studio - Commercial Espresso Machines! 

For over two decades, Dalla Corte has been on a mission to elevate the art of coffee-making.

Experience Dalla Corte Studio

Compact yet powerful, Dalla Corte Studio - Commerical Espresso machine boasts intuitive controls and customisable features, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece. Plus, with its ability to be plumbed in or used with a water tank, you can tailor it to your unique needs. 

The machine is here to revolutionise your espresso experience. Meet them at our Roasters Zone and discover the future of coffee-making with Dalla Corte!

The Speciality Coffee Roasters include:


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