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Workshop | Coffee Advice Bureau

The Coffee Advice Bureau is open to anyone and everyone wanting to discuss important issues arising in the workplace. The Kore Directive and friends will offer signposting services, advice from experts and lend an ear to those wanting to discuss how we can make working in coffee work for everyone.


The day will run in two sets of three sessions - focusing on sustainability, mental health and people management in slots of 45 minutes starting at 10:30.

Thursday 1st September - Coffee Advice Bureau 10:00-17:00

10:30-12:30 - Sustainability with Kerri McCarton, Anson Goodge from Ozone and David Rickenback from The Feed


This session focuses on ideas and innovations to help make businesses more sustainable and eco-conscious by making full use of cafe resources, cutting energy consumption and reducing waste production.  

13:00-15:00 - Mental Health with Ben Sibley, Slaine Montgomery and David Rickenback

This slot addresses mental health first aid in the workplace. We'll help with identifying stressors and prioritising wellbeing in the workplace, including addressing the fallout from the pandemic and fresh difficulties arising from the cost of living crisis. 

15:00 - 16:45 - HR/People Management with Sarah Kern and SEND Coffee

Our final session discusses the practice of employment law, how to ensure that the Great Resignation doesn't happen to them and how employees and management can have honest conversations in these challenging times. For employees, we will offer help and advice to clarify their rights and what they can do to have open dialogue with their employer.

People Library

The Kore Directive's People Library offers an exciting new format to spotlight coffee professionals doing great work within the industry we love. In place of a bookshelf, we have curated a line up of 10 fantastic folks, willing to tell all about their unique connection to the coffee industry.

Visit our stand on Thursday to talk with 10 of the industry's loveliest people. Each two hour session hosts 5 coffee talents for an informal, ask me anything-style chat discussing their journey in specialty coffee - how they started through to their success today. The Kore Directive champions diversity, inclusivity and accessibility, so different voices will be celebrated throughout the day, and everyone is welcome to drop by. See below for our full line up - we hope you're as excited as we are!

Hannah Davis (Cup North)
Luiza Pereira Furquim (Algrano)
Izzy Austen (Baristas on Tap)
Quaff East Coffee
Slaine Montgomery
Aashifa Hussein (Well Grounded)
Camilla Morgan (Victoria Arduino)
Grace Talbot (Girls Who Grind)
Essy Sparrow (The Kore Directive)