Join John Richardson, from the Café Experts, in his half-day workshop – How to build a profit producing system – creating a business that doesn’t require you to ‘be there’.

In this three and a half hour session (with breaks!) John Richardson will demonstrate the exact process he uses with clients to help rebuild their businesses in a more profitable way - but crucially in a way that is based on a system that will work, whether you are there or not.  John will cover, with cases studies, how to build this profit producing system by re-working the four key levers you "pull" to create change in your business:

  • Your menu - the biggest area to create increased profit and more control.  There are nearly 50 areas within this that John will break down for you - all of which affect your sales and ability to run an "easy" business.  
  • Your signage and merchandising - how to seamlessly increase sales without "upselling".  
  • Your people - how to get them "on board" with any changes you're making and not "kicking back" but also how to create a better working environment for them so they stay longer.  Low staff turnover is critical to a profit producing system.
  • Your promotions - you need a systematic social media process to build engagement and therefore allow you to make sales AND attract new customers.  John has three full time members on his team working and analysing the core social media channels and the process has been refined down into just four types of post that need to be regularly rotated.

There will be workbooks with templates, checklists and accompanying training videos available after the event. 

Thursday 2nd September, 10:30 - 2pm (with a break).
£55 (+VAT) per person

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John Richardson