This year's Caffè Culture will stage a highly engaging and informative talks programme delivered by a host of leading industry experts, to cater for the specific business needs of all types of operations. 

Thursday 2nd September

Theatre One - The Roaster's Forum

  1. Roaster's Forum
    An exploration into the cyclical nature of trends in coffee. From tastes and cup profiles to processing, sourcing and roasting, we discuss coffee trends of the past and their relevance for the industr ...
  2. Roaster's Forum
    A discussion into how innovative thinking across different industry sectors can create interconnectedness and progression in coffee.  Moderator: Jamie Treby, DRWakefield Key Speaker: Lucy Smith, Funk ...
  3. Roaster's Forum
    Taking place on the DRWakefield stand - Trends in Coffee: a journey of taste through the ages, examining in vogue coffee from past, present, and future perspectives. 
  4. Roaster's Forum
    A conversation into the importance of the emerging speciality Robusta market and the significance the species has for the coffee industry’s future.  Moderator: Jamie Treby, DRWakefield Key Speaker: Ni ...
  5. Roaster's Forum
    What role does genetics have for the future of the coffee industry? An exploration into genetic innovation, discovery and development in coffee. Moderator: Diane Johnson, DRWakefield Key Speaker: Cami ...
  6. Roaster's Forum
    Taking place on the DRWakefield stand - Guess the Species: a blind tasting of various coffee species, from Arabica to Liberica and Robusta. Can you guess which is which?
  7. Roaster's Forum
    Innovation and progression come at a cost. We discuss how approaches to business need to adapt to create a less impactful future for coffee, exploring carbon neutrality throughout the coffee supply ch ...
  8. Roaster's Forum
    The term ‘Sustainability’ means different things to different people. We explore the multidimensional approaches and understandings of sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain and hear from d ...

Theatre Two - People & Culture

  1. People & Culture Stage
    In the wake of the social upheaval of the last year, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, it’s understandable that being on the hospitality front lines can have a negative impact on one’s mental ...
  2. People & Culture Stage
    How does one create a sustainable and healthy career in coffee for yourself and/or others, while being well-versed in employee rights and responsibilities? Our keynote talk by Kore and Brewherher memb ...
  3. People & Culture Stage
    As far back as the 15th century, coffeehouses were the nexus of thought and action, and a driver for real social change throughout history. Perhaps it’s something to do with the invigorating qualities ...
  4. People & Culture Stage
    In the wake of some of the biggest racial equity movements across the world in 2020, companies are beginning to realise the need to have a robust diversity, equity and inclusivity structure within, to ...
  5. People & Culture Stage
    When The Kore Directive was first founded, it was motivated by a desire to equip women in coffee within the U.K. with the skills, confidence and opportunities to progress their coffee careers in a sus ...
  6. People & Culture Stage

Friday 3rd September

Theatre One - Coffee Studies

  1. Coffee Studies
    Join us at the show to congratulate the class of 2020 in completing their courses and welcome in the new students for 2021.
  2. Coffee Studies
    The coffee industry is dynamic and the opportunities for interesting roles are only limited by your imagination… and the right skillset. Deciding what you want to do and how to get there can be planne ...
  3. Coffee Studies
     Jonathan Morris, aka the Coffee Historian, takes the opportunity to reflect on the evolution of the speciality sector, and its underpinning philosophy.  In particular he focuses on the relationship b ...
  4. Coffee Studies
    Watchhouse has rapidly established itself as the leader in contemporary coffee house design, execution and unfailing ambition in the UK and arguably Europe. Join founder Roland Horne as he presents wh ...
  5. Coffee Studies
    This year's frost wiped out entire Brazilian farms. How do we, as producers, see a way out? During her talk, Ana (coffee producer from South Minas Gerais) will cover what happens after a frost: the da ...
  6. Coffee Studies
    In this talk and panel discussion James will be discussing his take on the evolution of Specialty coffee. From its subculture, potential and what his experiences have revealed about its universality t ...

Theatre Two - CaffeInsights

  1. CaffeInsights
    Branding - how building a strong brand, rather than just a business, can dramatically improve the value of that business as well as open up new revenue streams.
  2. CaffeInsights
    Trends and the future - Covid has created systemic changes in consumer behaviour. We examine what that means for our industry and how to best take advantage of these changes.
  3. CaffeInsights
    Technology - we examine the enormous advances in how technology can be used to create more profitable and easier to manage cafes and coffee shops.
  4. CaffeInsights
    Social Media - how to make sure your social media, over various platforms, produces tangible financial results and builds long term brand value.
  5. CaffeInsights
    Recruitment and retention - how to recruit and retain an exceptional team, even in the current highly challenging environment.