20-21st June at The Business Design Cente, Islington

The Exit Strategy Workshop

Building for Exit



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How To Scale Your Café or Coffee Shop Business For A Profitable Sale

More than 90% of café and coffee shop owners have no clear plan to grow and exit their business when they start.  This two-day workshop shows you, step-bystep, the key strategies you MUST have in place to successfully grow your business and secure a high multiple exit value.


Tickets for the two-day workshop are £750 + VAT and £250 + VAT per additional attendee



Designed to provide you with a crystal-clear plan to build and sell your own café or coffee shop business – whether you have one location or twenty. 

Who Should Attend

This event is for owners who wish to successfully and profitably build their businesses for a strong exit value.  It doesn't matter if you have one location or 50 the principles that will be taught apply equally.  If you've yet to set up the event will give you a strong foundation for success before you open.  It's also suitable for owners to bring along their managers to help make sure they're bought into the vision.  

Workshop Modules

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Crystal Clear Outcome

We help you formulate exactly how much you’d like to sell your business for, when you’d like to sell it and an understanding of what you’re prepared to do to get there

Current Situation

In this module, we walk you throw the Brutally Honest Thinking process of establishing just how good, bad or indifferent your business is over a number of critical metrics.  These are the key metrics that will allow you to grow profitably and present a great proposition for a future buyer.


We show you how to build a loyal and dedicated team that buy into your vision enabling you to scale up with the minimum stress and ensure loyalty and dedication right up to an eventual sale

Business Structure

In this module we break down the structure your business must have in terms of partners and accountability for key parts of the business. 

Build a Reliable Profit System

Once we remove the inevitable emotion and passion that exists within hospitality businesses you realise that what you’re really doing is building a reliable system for creating profit.  And that’s what your buyers want to buy – a working and replicable system.  We show you how to build the processes within this system so that you actually achieve this result. 


Building a business for exit requires an understanding of some key money variables that are very different to those that exist when starting up.  We go through these in detail and show you how to maximise them so your exit value is maximised.

The Dashboard

Think of your business like a car on a journey.  You’ve set your final destination and how long you are prepared to take to get there.  But unless you create an easy to manage dashboard, you won’t know whether you’re on track or not.  We’ll break down the key variables that need to go in this dashboard and show you how to put it in place. 


The key variable in whether you achieve a strong exit is you.  In this module we examine how you can make the maximum use of the skills you have, what you should ruthlessly cut from your tasks and delegate and the areas you must personally develop, such as leadership, if you’re to achieve true value. 


The quality and coherence of your brand is one of the key variables that a potential buyer looks at.  A messy or confusing brand will never achieve a high value exit.  In many cases you’ll struggle to sell it at all.  We show you, through extensive case studies, how to maximise this area. 

Key Value Driving Tactics

We’ll show you the key areas that I, my clients and larger brands have used to provide extra value to future buyers.  You must provide something unique to achieve a decent exit and we’ll show you how to put this into your business. 

Workshop Presenter

John Richardson

For the past twelve years John Richardson has become the leading coach, consultant and speaker to the coffee shop industry.  During that time, he has worked with some of the most successful small chain coffee shops to create highly profitable exits.  He has helped establish a highly profitable 27 location coffee shop chain for the NHS.  He works with clients throughout Europe and the Middle East. 

Before that John built and sold, in his own name, 13 different hospitality businesses and employed nearly 1,000 people.  He has owned multiple coffee shops, fish and chip shops, bars, restaurants and at one stage the largest sandwich business in Ireland. 

John is the author of the three best-selling books about the coffee shop and café industry.  He is regularly asked to speak at events and regularly appears on Channel 4 and the BBC as a coffee shop expert. 

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The Exit Strategy Workshop is a must for any business owner considering a potential sale who wants to maximise both the multiple and exit value.

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