Wycliffe Sande

Founder and CEO, Blue Turaco
Blue Turaco founder Wycliffe Sande was born in a small Uganda village on a roadside - where his experience in coffee started young. Wycliffe has seen both sides of the coffee industry. As an 8-year-old Ugandan boy he was picking coffee beans to pay for his school fees & food after the death of his father. He has fond memories of the friendly Blue Turaco Birds chattering in the coffee trees while he picked. Wycliffe now owns a farm in Uganda and works with fellow farmers on how to produce high quality Specialty Robusta coffee using more sustainable methods. Wycliffe has seen how the money coffee generates directly impacts the lives of coffee growing communities. Blue Turaco is on a mission to shift the power dynamics in the coffee industry – with clear focus on Ugandan Specialty Robusta coffee – True attributes of this coffee have not been fully brought to the coffee table” fighting childhood hunger in Village schools in Uganda.