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Tash Murphy

Tash Murphy

Green Coffee Merchant, Sucafina Specialty

Approaching her 20th year in specialty coffee, Tash joined Sucafina UK alongside Sam Langdon to form the ‘Dynamic Duo’. Sam and Tash have spent the last 2 decades working in a multitude of roles in coffee, from barista to roaster to trader and between the two of them hold a wealth of knowledge to ensure our UK clients have access to both fantastic coffees but also engaging customer service. You are in safe hands!

Having spent 6 years managing Pharmacie Coffee Roasters in Brighton & Hove, Tash was responsible for green buying, planning and QC so is aware of the importance of providing roasters with the right coffees to create an exciting offerlist in the competitive UK specialty market. Tash is a self-professed taste addict and will never pass up the opportunity to join her clients for a cupping. Or craft beer. 

Tash is a freelance illustrator and is currently compiling a poetry collection. You may see evidence of the former featuring on Sucafina UK merch very soon!