Peter Dore-Smith

Founder and Director, Kaffeine

Peter started working in hospitality when he was 16, about 36 years ago. He grew up in Melbourne before it became a mecca for coffee and dreamed of managing a five-star hotel for a while, or perhaps owning his own place. He lived in London from 1995 to 1998 and returned home to find the coffee scene booming. In 2005, he returned to London with his wife and realised that there were no Australian style coffee places in London.  Whilst planning, what was to eventually become Kaffeine, Peter worked as staffing and recruitment manager for Lord’s Cricket Ground.  Four years later, in 2009, they opened their first store on Great Titchfield Street. It is to this day, regarded as a benchmark setting store for the specialty coffee industry. 

There are many keys to the success of Kaffeine but at the very core is a deep understanding that this is a hospitality business and that this can only happen if you have a deep respect for the people who work for you.  Throughout Covid Peter, despite very difficult locations, tirelessly focused on ensuring that not just the business survived but that he would truly look after his employees. This enormous commitment to his staff has been recognised by the Caterer’s highly prestigious Cateys awards and Kaffeine is shortlisted (alongside businesses such as The Dorchester) for a best employer award.