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Matt Randell

Matt Randell

UK Account Manager and Business Development, Langdon Coffee Merchant
After serving my time as a barista in a variety of venues, I joined the sanctuary of Climpsons and Sons where I moved from café manager to trainer to head account manager over the course of 7 years working with some of the great C&S alumni that now scatter the coffee industry. A competitor and a coach you may remember me from such appearances as 2016 English Aeropress champ, UKBC 2019 3rd place & coach to UKBRW champ in 2018. I now work as head of UK for Langdon Coffee Merchants, where I have been since 2019 and am grateful to have worked with some inspiring export partners & producers, including Benjamin Paz of Honduras and the Cedro Alto small holder collective in Colombia. Matt enjoys his football and maintains winning the coffee roasters football tournament with Climpson’s is still his best achievement in coffee.