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Mandi Caudill

Mandi Caudill

Carbon Project Manager & Lead Ecologist, Falcon

Dr. Mandi Caudill is an ecologist and research scientist who has worked in the coffee industry for over a decade. She is interested in sustainable agriculture as a means to provide wildlife habitat, foster ecosystem services, and conserve biodiversity, while simultaneously providing for human livelihoods.

She has led research studies in coffee-growing regions of India, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru. Dr. Caudill completed her postdoctoral research with the Bird Friendly coffee program at the Smithsonian Institution and taught classes in coffee, agroecology, and food systems at Columbia University.

Dr. Caudill continually seeks to build bridges between academia and industry and collaborates with various actors across the coffee value chain. She is leading the Carbon Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP), a joint project between Brighton University and Falcon Coffees, to identify and implement methodologies for measuring and mitigating carbon emissions in the coffee supply chain.