Glenn James

Managing Director, Coffix

I’m Glenn James and I am the owner of Coffix Ltd and Design Espresso.  Originally from Melbourne I ended up in the UK after being convinced by my Partner at the time that the UK was a great place to stayt for 2 years before heading back to Australia.   I started in the coffee industry by accident after fixing a mates coffee machine in Loughborough and now 17 years later Coffix has grown to cover all the UK, We maintains espresso machines and coffee equipment for everyone from independent cafes all the way through to high st chains as well as support to many of the UK machine machine/grinder distributors.  You will still find me getting my hands covered in coffee or scorching them on hot machines to get your machine back up and running as quick as possible. 

We have started Design espresso with an emphasis on helping the mental health charity community after experiencing first hand the consequences of how the mental health of friends, family and work colleagues can impact on everyone around them.