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Emma Haines

Emma Haines

UK Sales Manager, Algrano

Emma Haines is the founder of Caffeina Consulting, a UK based business that supports coffee companies from seed to cup. She is also the UK Sales Manager for Algrano – an online platform which gives producers and roasters direct market access.

Coffee has been a passion in Emma’s life for as long as she can remember. For the last fifteen years, she has focused on training, in particular specialty coffee training and how to incorporate specialty elements into commercial environments. She works all over Europe, West Asia and beyond and is a resident trainer at London School of Coffee.

She has a strong passion for inclusivity, as reflected in her role on the SCA Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity Taskforce.

Access to education, especially in producing countries, is a driver in her career. She has experience with the supply chain and a focus on sustainability and gender equity. As a coffee professional, she strives to make change through education and applies this throughout all of her work, whether helping roasters source, teaching sensory or supporting producers with market access.