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Leon Sánchez

Leon Sánchez

Global Agronomy Manager, Sucafina Specialty
LEON is an Spanish Agricultural Engineer with more than 20 years of international experience in the agri-food sector along the whole supply chain (from farm to fork), and with special focus in last years on sustainable agriculture. He recently joined the sustainability SUCAFINA team to lead the global agronomy agenda of the “SUCAFINA Sustainability Strategy 2030”, with focus on the implementation of agro-sustainability programs/practices to support the mitigation and adaptation to climate change of farmers, while improving their productivity-efficiency. Before SUCAFINA he has worked in different positions and companies like PepsiCo, METRO, YARA and the African Development Bank..., and in different locations around the world, which makes him to be very familiar with the agriculture challenges in different regions, crops and type of farmers.