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Gain valuable insight and inspiration at this year’s new Roasters Forum

This year's Roasters Forum presents a host of inspiring and educative sessions designed to equip roasters and coffee professionals with tools to traverse today's complex market conditions, including pressing issues in sustainability and emerging supply chain trends. 

Curated by Sucafina Specialty, the extended two-day line-up will offer attendees a chance to speak to industry innovators driving coffee forward: from farmers transforming production through to sustainability thought- leaders in a new format that includes a series of lectures, panel discussions and workshops.

From whole-harvest sourcing to sponsoring roaster events, Sucafina believes the way forward is together and is proud to support producers and roasters across the supply chain. They are thrilled to help deliver programming at Caffè Culture that supports the success of the UK's coffee community and beyond.    



03 Oct 2023
  1. Cory Bush addresses sustainable change-making at scale, considering responsible manufacturing practices and carbon reduction innovations in a large-scale coffee production company
  2. Sustainability principles and practices; a wide-ranging panel discussion of responsibility and collaborative action throughout the supply chain, represented by industry change-makers
  3. Interactive workshop lead by May Putman Cramer, exploring sustainability in action through the lens of economist Kate Raworth’s, The Doughnut of Social and Planetary Boundaries model. Please arrive ea ...
  4. Alexa Heinike introduces the Innovea Breeding Project by World Coffee Research, offering fresh perspective on the future of breeding and coffee agriculture, and why collaboration has become the new im ...
04 Oct 2023
  1. Mark Al-Shemmeri will analyse the emergence of coffee roasting digital twins by sharing a data-driven approach to calibrated simulations of time-temperature profiles
  2. Ignacio Rodriguez presents a tasting of his experimentally processed coffees and shares his experiences of building a micro-biology lab on his farm, utilising renewable energies and his new IMPACT Cer ...
  3. Kristine Breminer Isgren explores the importance of Robusta production and presents her experiences as a certified Robusta Q-Grader alongside a Fine Robusta tasting session
  4. Franciska Apro discusses the challenges and methodology of evaluating experimentally processed arabica alongside an explorative tasting session