2-3 November 2020 Business Design Centre

Will Little

Founder and MD

Roastworks Coffee Co

Will Little photo

YEARS IN INDUSTRY: My parents ran a roastery, so I’ve been from climbing on coffee sacks and working in the roastery on school holidays since I was a kid, so I’ve been in the game for quite a while. I’ve been working full time in coffee for the last 10 years though. 

PREVIOUS SIGNIFICANT ROLES:  I’m also the MD of Little’s Coffee. 

MOTIVATION or INTEREST THAT GOT YOU INTO COFFEE: I caught the bug when I lived in London back in 2009. My office was really near Monmouth’s roastery and every now and then the smell of roasted coffee would waft in through the window which would remind me of home. At the same time, I was frequenting their Borough Market café as well as Penny University (classic reference for anyone who’s been into coffee for more than 10 years!). Filter coffee is what caught my attention in the first place and continues to even today. 

BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR CAREER SO FAR: Sounds cliché, but I just want to get more people drinking tasty as shit coffee. There’s nothing better than giving people their first “oh my God, I never realised coffee could taste like this!” cup. 

FAVOURITE CUP: Generally, a really big juicy Kenyan. Recently the Sudan Rume from Colonna was pretty mind blowing. 

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