2-3 November 2020 Business Design Centre

Violeta Stevens

Managing Director

Union Hand Roasted Coffee

Violeta Stevens photo

Violeta Stevens is a leading expert in sustainable value chains and Managing Director at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, one of the UK’s largest speciality coffee roasters and suppliers.  

Prior to her role at Union, Violeta was an Executive Director and Head of Supply Chain and Procurement at Café Direct. Violeta has over 14 years of experience in the coffee industry. 

Violeta is a Certified Q grader and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains from Cambridge University. 'I fell in love with coffee at an early age. I still remember sniffing the air when my grandmother was making her morning ibrik. Later on I discovered the subtle nuances and distinctive flavours of coffee. But it was when I travelled to origin and met the coffee growers that coffee became my true passion, a passion to make coffee a force for good, all the way from bean to cup.' 

“Coffee is an industry dependent on the work of women, and yet because of deep gender inequalities, many women are not able to realise their full potential. As a female coffee buyer my mission is to empower women in the coffee communities to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives, to support their independence and help shift the role of women in coffee through knowledge, training and financial support. 

Over the years, it's been extremely rewarding to see more and more women at origin in management position, with financial and decision making power.” 

I don’t have one favourite cup of coffee, I love many different origins and flavours, I choose my coffee based on the time of day and occasion. 

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