2-3 November 2020 Business Design Centre

Sierra Burgess Yeo

Coffee Specialist

Alpro UK

Sierra Burgess Yeo photo

I’ve worked in a variety of well-known specialty outposts in York, Manchester and London over the last 6 years, with exposure to different brewing and roasting styles and café set-ups. My last role of significance was as General Manager across the Timberyard cafés in Facebook London HQ (Oxford Circus and Shaftesbury Avenue) for Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. 

I started out in coffee as most people do - to pay the bills at uni - then realised I enjoyed the extroversion, the socialised work, the value-addition at every step of the supply chain, and making things with my hands... and I haven’t stopped since. 

The biggest influence on my work so far was my first trip to origin this year. Guatemala and El Salvador were life-changing for me and has informed a lot of the work that I’ve started to do since coming back - the angle of my coffee writing and the discussions I’ve hosted or been involved in on cost of production, gender discussions and systemic inequity in the coffee supply chain. 

Favourite cup: anything on your batch brew! 

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