2-3 November 2020 Business Design Centre

Joanna Alm

Managing Director

Drop Coffee

Joanna Alm  photo

Joanna Alm is the Managing Director of Drop Coffee in Stockholm and the author of  the book Manifest För Bättre Kaffe (2019). She is the three times Swedish Coffee Roasting Champion and silver medalist in the World Coffee Roasting Championships. Joanna is on the SCA Sustainability Advisory Council plus head of the Sustainability Committee in the Coffee Roasters Guild’s Advisory Council. 

The one person who had the biggest impact of my coffee-me is Stephen (Leighton). Before him I was not as openminded and I defiantly didn’t buy any naturals.

Joanna been working in speciality coffee since for 13 years, but worked in coffee for always. Drinking really good coffee got her courious on flavour and all the things that impacts the flavour of coffee. From visiting coffee producers, the sustainability perspective of how the industry can have a positive impact. For Drop Coffee, Joanna is visiting all coffee roasters Drop is buying from. 

My favourite coffee is Hunkute. A cooperative in Sidama we have been buying on for many years, sourced by Nordic Approach. It is delicate, citrus, floral… I often use it as a flavour reference to other coffees. And wines.

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