2-3 November 2020 Business Design Centre

Carlos Ortiz

Global Volcafe Way Manager


Carlos Ortiz  photo

Carlos Ortiz is the Global Volcafe Way Manager - (Volcafe Way is a global initiative from Volcafe that aims to add value to the entire supply chain, while working towards sustainable profitability and improvement of the quality of life of coffee growers). Carlos graduated from EARTH University as an Agronomist, later obtained a MSc degree in Agribusiness in Costa Rica. His 12 years of experience in coffee and sustainability, have allowed him to work in Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala, as well as travel throughout the coffee regions of America, Africa and Asia.

His main motivation in the industry has been to integrate sustainability into the core operations of Volcafe, while helping coffee families to improve their livelihoods and his team to grow personally and professionally. Under the motto “you can´t be sustainable if you´re not profitable”, Carlos aims to create a global consciousness across the sector that sustainability must go beyond certified supply chains.

When it comes to drinking coffee, Carlos enjoys the entire spectrum of specialty profiles, but mostly the Genuine Antigua Pastores Peaberry from Guatemala and the Kenyan AAs. 

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