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As part of Caffè Culture’s new programme, we are delighted to announce an exclusive new feature brought to you by former World Barista Champion Dale Harris. As the show’s centre-piece, Dale’s ‘Flavour Pathway’ is an interactive sensory installation open to all, which will enlighten you on the complexities of flavour and how we taste coffee.

Dale comments: "Flavour is one of the key attributes of coffee quality: it’s the key differentiator between a good cup and a bad one, the factor that determines how much a given coffee might be worth to producers and consumers.

As an industry, we spend a lot of time describing flavours to our customers but relatively little time considering where it comes from with them.

"I’m really excited to be working with Caffè Culture this year to present an interactive sensory experience that explores how flavours are generated in coffee, how we experience and interpret them, and looking at the work of some organisations that are pushing our understanding of this forwards."
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Read his story Playset.Coffee

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