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Healthy eating has become a trend in the recent years. 56% of consumers have reported they will pay more for a healthy product. One of the most popular ways to consume fresh, nutritious snacks has been through juicing; in fact, every year the demand for freshly squeezed juice increases by 5% and orange juice remains the favourite with 46% of world consumption.
In the UK, Zumex machines can be obtained through OJ Fresh, recognized as a leading player in the UK juicing industry for over 20 years, supplying juicing machines to squeeze, press and blend almost any type of fruit or vegetable. Zumex through OJ Fresh presents new possibilities for the design of integral spaces for juice services that best suits each space and maximizes profits.
The best juicer gives consumers a healthy, 100% fresh drink and gives businesses the opportunity to multiply their profits. The needs of each business vary depending on the volume of users, the daily demand for juice or the integration of juicing technology in your establishment, among other factors.



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