Stand: Batch Brew Bar

Join us this year at the Caffe Culture Brew Bar sponsored by 3TEMP, featuring their stunning range of Hipster Brewers!

Come and watch 6 of the UK's best roasters go head-to-head in our Hipsters at the inaugural Brew Off Championship, where they are competing for the chance to be crowned the first-ever Hipster Brewer Champion 2021!

Make sure you're following all of the action on Instagram @caffecultureshow @3temp and Twitter @ swe_coffeemafia  where you can check out contenders' best brews, trash talk, and more!
Support your No. 1 roastery contender at the event by voting with your cup - after tasting all 6 brews, simply pop your cup into the bin featuring the roastery of your choice. Every cup counts towards who gets to advance into the next round of competition - so make it count!
Each round's challenges will be different - contenders will be knocked out over each of the 3 rounds, across Caffe Culture's action-packed 2 days, with the final two contenders duking it out over a Cold-Flow Coffee finale, with the winning coffee incorporated into an alcoholic tipple - which you won't want to miss tasting!
The Hipster Brew Off  Champion will walk away with the coveted Hipster Brewer's Cup! Make sure your contender makes it through and visit us at the Brew Bar to show your support!

In between rounds, come by the Brew Bar to pick the brains of current UK Brewers Cup Champion, Matteo D'Ottavio, who will be unlocking the secrets of our Coffee Particle Analyser, frontier-defining coffee equipment and an integral part of our 3TEMP Brewing System, which assures you an excellent cup of coffee as part of our Quality In Cup guarantee.

Experience the elevated quality of your favourite coffees and unlock different flavour dimensions with the 3TEMP Hipster. You won't taste coffee the same way again.The Hipster takes batch brewing to another level, join us at Caffe Culture and enter the age of profile brewing.


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