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Roaster’s Forum Green Bean Sponsor- Volcafe Select

A dynamic wing of the Volcafe Group, Volcafe Select is specialised in sourcing unique, rare and specialty coffee. Our expert team has access to coffee from over 15 different producing countries including certified, estate and micro-lots and is committed to hunting down fresh coffee for top blends, single origin and seasonal roasts.

Sourcing outstanding green coffee
Our local teams in each of our 15 origins is in daily contact with farmers. This gives us exclusive access to special lots right from the source. Many of our origin operations have developed quality schemes to incentivize farmers to continuously improve the quality of their crop, as well as offer training and farm support all year round.

Connecting producers and roasters
We, at Volcafe Select, do not only build the link between producers and roasters, we also handle the coffee’s long journey from origin to roaster. Having both in-depth knowledge of activities at ground level and streamlined in-house logistics enables us to deliver sharp and efficient service and get the coffee to you on time.

Helping roasters create the ultimate flavor
We work with you along the entire journey to find the perfect coffee to best suit any blend, single origin, estate or brew. We believe it is the continuous and open dialogue with coffee producers, roasters and baristas that allows us to fully understand your needs and expectations. With a vast network of farmers and their broad range at our fingertips, we can make sure we select the right coffee from the right farm at the right time.

Want to know more? Visit us on booth RF2 or contact

Andrew Tucker:
Sales Manager UK & Ireland
+44 7912 083547

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