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European Speciality Tea Association (ESTA) invites you into their hub to get inspired and discuss the art and passion of speciality tea. Join and engage with a host of experts, tea lovers and professionals for two days of the very best expertise, sensory delights, and intricate flavours from around the world.

ESTA Hub activities include: 

TEA BREW BAR sponsored by Marco, Teasy and Handybrew

We will be brewing and sampling top quality single origin speciality and artisanal teas from around the world, demonstrating the six different categories of tea and contrasting good quality tea and poor quality tea through a number of activities to help visitors understand the benefits of drinking , serving or selling speciality tea.


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sponsored by Victoria Arduino, Matcha and Beyond and Oatly


12 Competitors, 3 Judges, Whisk your Matcha, Add your Foamed Milk, Create your Latte Art, Wow the Judges. Great Prizes.

Become the Second ESTA UK Matcha Latte Art Champion


Check the Rules & Regulations and register at




Sponsored by:

va    m&b    oatly


sponsored by Hario


ESTA will be delivering our new Tea Barista Foundation module on both days of Caffe Culture, running for four hours from 8.30 to 12.30. Included in the curriculum is:

What is tea and what is it not, Tea vs Coffee, Tea plant, leaves and beverage, Botanicals, Blends, Storage understanding, Importance of water, Tea Brewing Fundamentals and methods, Tea Tasting Tools and Popular tea menu extensions.

Presented by one of our experienced Authorised Tea Certifiers, the cost will be £75 for ESTA members and £100 for non-members, including certification

This is the only available tea training aimed primarily at baristas, so if you are a barista wanting to improve your tea knowledge and sensory skills, or a coffee shop manager or owner wanting to enhance your tea offering then this is your opportunity. Don’t miss it!

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sponsored by REGINALD AMES

12 Competitors, 2 Rounds, 5 Triangular Flights, test your sensory skills, Pick the odd one out.

Great Prizes. Become the First ESTA UK Tea Tasting Champion

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Moderated by Annabel Kalmar of Tea Rebellion these panels will bring industry experts together to discuss two meaty topics

TUESDAY 3rd 11.00 Commodity Tea v Speciality Tea; how do they impact on one another

WEDNESDAY 4th 2.00 Coffee v Tea; Are they similar? Are they completely different? Can they learn from one another?

ESTA Speciality Tea Hub Exhibitors include: