Due to the significant impact coronavirus (COVID-19) is having across the world, Caffe Culture will be taking important steps to ensure we protect the health and well-being of our visitors and exhibitors when onsite, closely following the government and their medical advisers’ recommendations on best practise. 

The situation is changing daily and the pressure on the whole industry is huge. We have been listening to feedback from our cafe community, as well as information from the government and public health authorities. Our host venue, the Business Design Centre (BDC), has been working closely with the Association of Event Venues (AEV) to discuss a new framework for all UK venues. Together, they are currently putting together a standard for all venues to adhere to and Caffe Culture 2020 will include a number of measures, which we will update you with when finalised.  Take a look at the work the BDC is doing to make it a safe and comfortable place to visit.

These measures provisionally include:

  • Extra touchless sanitising machines around the building including on entering the BDC and on registration desks
  • Installation of extra hand washing stations, including additional antibacterial soap in toilets
  • Cleaning to focus on high level touch areas such as door handles, lifts, toilets etc.
  • Installation of physical screens on the reception desk, registration desk, organisers office desk, the service desk and the restaurant
  • Thermal forehead temperature scanners available in reception and the loading bay checking everyone’s temperature on arrival.
  • Installation of fever detection cameras in reception
  • Redesigned floorplans and directional floor graphics including 2m chevrons to help maintain social distancing
  • New measures for maintaining social distancing in the restaurant including reduced seating and a new queuing system
  • For exhibitors, build-up and breakdown periods will be reconsidered limit the amount of contractors/exhibitors using the goods lifts
  • However, we will keep listening to government advice before any new measures are introduced.  

We understand how important it is to stay connected with each other during these difficult and unprecedented times. We recently launched our CaffeInsights series, featuring interviews with different businesses owners within our industry, to help keep our visitors informed and inspired. In addition, we will be regularly promoting our Lockdown Offers, aimed at helping connect our suppliers and manufacturers with buyers, ready for a post-COVID world.

On behalf of all of us here at Caffe Culture, thank you again for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you in November..

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