07 May 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Three

Jayke Mangion

Jayke Mangion runs a broad range of hospitality businesses in South West London. His main brand Brickwood Coffee and Bread,  is a classic Australian, food-driven cafe with four locations.  Jayke also has a relatively new brand, nue ground, which has two locations and is part of the burgeoning cafe/bar model.  These two locations are currently open for takeaway only coffee. Jayke also operates several, highly innovative, wine bars, traditional pubs, and the Joe Public pizza brand.  

This, coupled with twenty years of experience in the industry,  provides Jayke with unique insight into the current situation and how best we can manage our way out of it.  

During the extensive interview, Jayke provides his predictions and some great observations for all operators - both in the current lockdown and the short and medium-term.

  • How they quickly "pivoted" to an online model and his views on the future of this for the industry.
  • Mental health - the importance of understanding the stress that staff are under, as well as owners and the specific way he is dealing with this. 
  • The importance of "classic Australian cafe culture" in terms of community bonds and hospitality and how this will be even more important in the coming twelve to eighteen months.
  • The unique model that he has created with nue ground and how this builds both revenue and strengthens bonds with the local community.  
  • His views on the importance of apps and technology in the coming years.

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