03 Sep 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Fifteen

John Richardson

In this video, John Richardson deals with the increasing problem of managing staff as furlough payments are reduced and redundancies loom.  John works through three key points:

  • The problem itself and the differences between the owner and an employee's perspective.
  • A simple, four-part solution to put in place now, which will help to let your staff understand the difficulties you face as an owner and ensure they can feel respected so they can be flexible and continue to produce the hospitality that is so vital for survival.
  • A three-part, ongoing process to ensure you keep them "on board" and understanding your perspective as well as helping them to feel understood. 

To find the employee survey that John discusses during the training please click the link below.  Our intention is to create the largest UK survey in terms of staff wants and needs in the hospitality industry so that we can help provide you, as owners, with better tools to help manage them through these difficult next twelve to eighteen months.  It also provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss their concerns and allow you to explain some of the actions you have to take - both legally and with menu changes and the need for flexibility to protect their jobs.  The full results of this survey will be fed back to you via the CaffeInsights programme.  

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