18 Jun 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Twelve

Heather Amos

Heather's cafe was a classic "fall through the cracks" business in terms of government support.  After a couple of weeks of extreme stress she re-opened with an innovative and dramatically cut back offer.  Since then she has continued to innovate and is now very profitable with a number of new income streams.  

In this interview, John and Heather discuss:

  • How she built a very strong and profitable business in just seven months - pre-COVID
  • The initial dark days thinking she would lose everything
  • How she is now doing as much in sales in three days with two members of staff as she was previously in six days with five staff
  • The importance of her strong social media following and how this effectively saved the business
  • The need to be flexible and "keep trying things"
  • The unexpected revenue streams that will almost certainly continue into the future
  • Her predictions for the next phase and some of the problems that this will create for most operators
  • Her plans to keep innovating and grow the business - despite limited seating areas
  • Why she increased her prices when re-opening and the reaction from customers
  • Key lessons for other operators who are re-opening

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