05 Jun 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Ten

Ryan De Oliveira

In this CaffèInsight's interview, John Richardson interviews Ryan De Oliveira from Attendant in London.  From humble beginnings (a converted Victorian toilet in Fitzrovia!) Ryan and his partner Bosh have created an exceptional three location business, vertically integrated with their own production kitchen, roastery and event spaces.  They have currently re-opened and are trading for takeaway. 

In the interview, John and Ryan discuss:

  • How they re-worked all parts of the business, immediately after lockdown, to create a more robust model and fix issues that had been niggling for a while.
  • The highly defined ethos and identity that underlies the business - how this affects their staff, the local communities and the very strict rules they have about sustainability, transparency and ethical supply.
  • The unique way they have supported their staff during lockdown and generated great loyalty as a result.
  • Ryan's commitment to zero redundancies post-furlough and the deep commitment to the local communities.
  • Supply chain issues and how this has caused drastic changes to their menu with more than 50% of existing supply not available.
  • The very positive way the local communities have embraced the cafés re-opening.
  • The daily work with chefs and operations managers to stay flexible and operate safely but keep driving spend during the coming months.
  • Leases and rent - how they and all operators need to consider the specifics of lease terms in the future.
  • Predictions for the future and how some café models will struggle whilst others will likely thrive. 

You can follow Attendant on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about "Buy some beans, Support our team," Ryan's strategy for topping up staff pay during this time on the Attendant website.

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