21 May 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Seven

John Richardson

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John Richardson has been an owner and consultant to the coffee shop industry for nearly thirty years.  During that time he has employed nearly 1,000 people in his own businesses and advised, both online and face-to-face, many hundreds of cafés and coffee shops and worked extensively with Caffè Culture for over a decade.  

In this brand new presentation, John...

  • Breaks down the four main phases of how this crisis will affect the café and coffee shop industry - we're currently in phase two.
  • The seven key tasks you must be working on in your business now - regardless of whether you are shut, or open and trading in some form.
  • The three new skills you'll need to adopt, from other industries, during the coming months.
  • The five ways you can be trading now, before lockdown finishes, to ensure you have cash coming in.
  • The crucial importance of Cash versus Profit at this stage
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