28 May 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Nine

Nick Mabey & Carlos Ortiz

Nick Mabey, Co-Founder of Assembly Coffee and green buyer for Volcano Coffee Works is joined by Carlos Ortiz, Global Sustainability manager for Volcafe Way.

Covid 19 has seen significant impact on global supply chains, here they explore the fundamental challenges faced by coffee producers in counties across the globe. Challenges not only from a price perspective but also how implementation of basic health and safety considerations, of which we have begun to expect from out own state entities, will effect the ability to manage and grow these supply chains in the coming months.

Thought the principles of Volcafe Way they also explore the core virtues of coffee supply chains and the role of specialty value systems in promoting them to the masses.

Learn more about the companies featured in this episode by visiting their Instagram channels, Volcafe Select, Volcafe Way, Assembly Coffee, and Volcano Coffee Works, or visiting their websites.

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