13 May 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Five

Paul Rawlinson

Paul Rawlinson runs a hugely successful, food-driven cafe in Harrogate called Baltzersens.  He has also just opened a bakery and is trading well above projections.  In this extensive interview, he and John discuss:

  • The four phases of the COVID crisis and what we can expect as we move through them
  • His experience with a restaurant going bust and some very practical advice for people facing this
  • How he manages the safety of his staff and insight into customer behaviour at the moment
  • How he manages the business daily using technology where possible and will keep investing in this
  • Some of the core secrets to the success of Baltzersens and why John feels it will bounce back quicker than many competitors post-lockdown

Read more about Baltzersens and Bakeri Baltzersen.

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