08 May 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Four

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood operates a coffee shop in Bath, a roastery with a strong online distribution channel and a brand new project called Peakwater - a Kickstarter funded water purifier specifically designed for coffee.  In addition to this, he has written two books on coffee and has interests in two London coffee shops and distribution business. He is also a three-time UK barista champion and world finalist.  

In this interview, John and Maxwell discuss the critical importance of growing slowly, methodically and building a coherent brand.  Maxwell is highly diversified but all projects relate to coffee and assist in his overall brand development.  Maxwell offers his views on the growing online coffee market, his decision making process for new ventures and how his business is surviving and in some projects thriving in the current situation.  

Read more about Colonna Coffee and Peak Water, or visit the Colonna Coffee Instagram


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