28 May 2020

CaffèInsights - Episode Eight

Alice Rendle

Alice Rendle is MD of Edgcumbes in Arundle, Sussex.  She runs a strongly diversified business incorporating tea blending, coffee roasting - trade and retail - and a successful cafe.  The business has recently invested strongly in developing an online presence.  

In this highly practical interview John and Alice discuss:

  • The need for all businesses to be flexible and consider "what can I do?" in terms of generating cash now - even during lockdown.
  • How to develop a takeaway offer that is simple, fast and profitable.
  • Why she has focused heavily on the local community and local suppliers and why this will continue to serve her business well.  
  • How she has used local radio, during this time, to great success - to generate immediate cash and long term new customers.
  • Why you need to be a bit "Barrow Boy" during this phase.
  • The importance of ruthlessly examining your current business and fixing any equipment or operational processes.
  • The importance of staying "very lean" during this phase, despite the current very strong profits from her cafe, because the next phase is going to be very difficult.  


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