A series of videos and interviews by leading coffee industry figures who will be giving their unique and qualified perspective on how best to navigate through the current crisis

  • CaffèInsights - Episode Fifteen

    03 Sep 2020 John Richardson
    John Richardson discusses the difficulties of managing employees in the current difficult environment and provides tangible solutions to help navigate these problems. 
  • CaffèInsights Live 2020

    14 Aug 2020 John Richardson
    We are pleased to announce the launch of CaffèInsights Live, one-day conference and live version of our CaffèInsights video series.
  • CaffèInsights - Epsode Fourteen

    10 Jul 2020 John Richardson
    John Richardson on the huge impact of this week's VAT announcement.  
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Thirteen

    18 Jun 2020 John Richardson
    John Richardson works through a projected profit and loss spreadsheet template that allows you to properly plan the next six months and view multiple scenarios. 
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Twelve

    18 Jun 2020 Heather Amos
    Heather Amos from Gray's of Rothwell was only open seven months when lockdown hit, meaning she had to quickly change her offer and reopen in a unique and highly profitable way.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Eleven

    08 Jun 2020 Peter Garcia
    Sales Manager, Camilla Morgan, from VA Machinery introduces a training video aimed at ‘getting your machine ready’ for opening.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Ten

    05 Jun 2020 Ryan De Oliveira
    Ryan De Oliveira from Attendant Cafés, has three cafes open for takeaway and a strongly vertically integrated business with their own roastery and food production kitchen.  
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Nine

    28 May 2020 Nick Mabey & Carlos Ortiz
    Nick Mabey and Carlos Ortiz explore the fundamental challenges faced by coffee producers in counties across the globe, from price through to H&S considerations.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Eight

    28 May 2020 Alice Rendle
    Alice shares her extensive experience in nearly forty years as a roaster and now cafe operator with a strong online sales component.  Alice is open and trading for takeaway and retail. 
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Seven

    21 May 2020 John Richardson
    John Richardson discusses how to survive and thrive post-COVID, looking at the four phases of this crisis and lists seven essential steps you should be working on now.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Six

    20 May 2020 Tibor Varady
    Tibor explains what happened in Budapest and offers interesting insight for UK viewers since Hungary is out of lockdown and Tibor is open for takeaway.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Five

    13 May 2020 Paul Rawlinson
    Paul Rawlinson runs Baltzersens. He provides advice now including some core secrets to the success of Baltzersens, and also his predictions for the future and the next "two phases'' of the crisis.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Four

    08 May 2020 Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
    Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is founder of Colonna Coffee. He discusses how his business is coping with Covid, providing advice as well as words of caution for those going online.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Three

    07 May 2020 Jayke Mangion
    Jayke Mangion is owner of Brickwood Coffee & Bread. With 20 year's experience, he explains how he moved to an online model, how two of his stores are now take-away only, and his views for the future.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode Two

    01 May 2020 Peter Dore-Smith
    Peter Dore-Smith owns specialty coffee shop, Kaffeine. He offers his insight into the current situation, some predictions for the coming weeks, as well as practical advice owners can use right now.
  • CaffèInsights - Episode One

    27 Apr 2020 John Richardson
    John Richardson, author, coach and consultant to the hospitality industry runs through his "12 Practical Things You Can Do To Help Your Business Survive, Not Just Now, But Also When You Reopen’.

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