CaffèInsights Plus is our new online learning platform that provides access to a series of premium training videos.

Episode One

With ongoing uncertainty, the only thing we can be certain of is that you must have in place is a solid understanding of the financial side of your business.  We have created a new two hour training session priced at just £58+VAT, to help you, your managers and staff to understand the financials.

What is the training video about? This two-hour training is about helping you and your key staff fully understand the key financial scoreboards that drive your business so you can more easily manage the current difficult market situation. 

Who is the training for? The training is designed for owners of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants but it's also specifically designed to be watched alongside your managers and any key staff to help them understand the numbers and the need to be focusing on profitability.  

What is included? There are five distinct sections - covering the profit and loss and how to improve it, your financial projections, your cashflow and a section on budgeting.  There are accompanying templates to allow you to put these tools properly in your business.  

What I will achieve? The goal is to allow you to fully understand the financial scores which will allow you to make informed decisions on changes that you need to make in your business as well as providing you with the tools to adequately explain the importance of this to your staff.   

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