The next twelve months are likely to be the most challenging the industry has experienced. The CIL Programme is designed to help you meet those challenges and emerge with a stronger and more profitable business

The programme centres around four key areas, each designed to create one clear outcome for the attendees, "The ability to face the next twelve months with a clear plan to not just survive but actively grow and thrive, despite the highly volatile trading environment". 

CIL is the live version of CaffèInsights, the video series launched during lockdown to provide inspiration and guidance to 1,000’s of struggling business owners during the pandemic. 

Visitors to CIL can hear from more than 20 expert panelists and source new products and services from 25+ exhibitors and suppliers. It is the ideal chance to network with industry specialists in a safe and controlled environment, with general entry at just £80 + VAT pp.

The Programme has been created in conjunction with CaffèInsights Editor and industry consultant John Richardson and the team behind the Caffè Culture Show. Each session will be hosted by John and will include a panel of key industry experts

The updates

During lockdown we spoke to hundreds of operators about their experiences and how they were coping.  Many of these conversations turned into extensive interviews on the CaffèInsights website.  We sit down with these operators to discuss what they learned, what they’ve changed, and how they’ve shifted their businesses to be stronger and more resilient in the future.

The winners and the losers

The world within which we operate has changed forever.  Key sectors of the markets are unlikely to ever return to where they once were and others are likely to see substantial growth.  We break down how the “new normal” is affected each market sector and where are the best opportunities to thrive.  

Brand extension

One key commonality of all businesses that are now thriving is that they have looked at their businesses as a wider brand and developed areas to focus on to build value, both in short term revenue and profitability but also in longer term asset value when they come to sell the business. With tough trading conditions set to continue through to 2021, don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from those already succeeding.

Building technology into your business

A section on the importance of websites, apps, online ordering, delivery choices, social media posting process.

With tough trading conditions set to continue through to 2021, don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from those already succeeding

At CaffèInsights Live you will:

  • Hear practical, honest, first-hand accounts from cafe and coffee shop owners who have adjusted their business model and are trading successfully.  
  • Discover which sectors of the market are likely to thrive and which are likely to continue to be affected in the medium and longer-term.
  • Learn how to apply a variety of brand extensions to your business to drive increased revenue, create a more resilient business, and build long term asset value.  
  • Make informed decisions on whether you should vertically integrate by developing your own roastery, bakery or a dedicated production kitchen.   
  • Understand the various tech solutions such as apps, online ordering, third-party delivery, and social media planning which can make the most difference to your business and help drive sustainable profits.
  • Network with other like-minded owners and meet suppliers with practical solutions.
  • Receive specific and dedicated help and advice for your business.  
  • Walk away with practical solutions to apply in the short, medium and long term.  

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