CaffèInsights was designed with one key principle in mind – to help café and coffee shop owners retain staff, remain profitable and actively contribute back into the UK economy.

CaffèInsights Live (CIL) is a one-day conference specifically aimed at UK coffee shop owners. Taking place on 23rd April 2021 at the Business Design Centre, London, it is the live version of CaffèInsights, the series of videos that provided inspiration and guidance to 1,000’s of struggling business owners during the pandemic

Visitors to CIL will be able to come together in a safe and controlled environment, and hear first-hand accounts from a host of operators and industry specialists who were not only able to survive the devastating impact of the coronavirus but come out far more resilient for the challenging times ahead.

The full-day programme will consist of four x 90 minute sessions which have been designed around the following key themes:

The Updates -  hear how many of the operators involved in the CaffèInsights Series are doing now, months after the initial lockdown

The Winners & the Losers – we break down how the ‘new normal’ has affected each market sector and where the best opportunities to thrive are

Brand Extension -  hear how thriving businesses developed and invested in their brand to increase value and overall profitability

Build Technology into your Business – find out why the adoption of technology is critical for your long-term success

Plus, CIL will also give suppliers a much-needed opportunity to showcase their products and services in front of a live audience and 1,000’s more online.

The CaffèInsights Live Programme

The CaffèInsights Live Programme has been designed around 4 key areas, each designed to create one clear outcome for the attendees: 

"The ability to face the next twelve months with a clear plan to not just survive but actively grow and thrive, despite the highly volatile trading environment"

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Supplier Opportunities

  • Face-to-face opportunity to generate awareness and sales
  • Multi-channeled promotion – live event & online leading up to, during and post the event
  • Showcase products in a safe and controlled environment
  • Cost-effective promotional packages
  • No fuss all-inclusive packages
  • Only one-day out of the office

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