sc2 Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

The Roasters Village and Cupping Zone

The Roasters Village and Cupping Zone, curated by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, is all about bringing the industries’ best coffees, people and companies together into one space.

We want to create a dynamic space that allows and encourages visitors to sample and focus on incredible coffee. For exhibitors it’s a great way to showcase their coffee and be part of a community inspired concept. The space will focus on both rosters and importers and it will be made up of a collection of  “pods” and a cupping table with a timetable of rotating shifts from varying companies throughout the two days.

"Coffee is at the heart of Caffè Culture. I am proud to be a part of Caffè Culture and to be directly involved in bringing the Roasters village to life. This space is at the centre of the show’s identity. The idea of the whole show is that coffee is the theme and the centre but that from this many other businesses, people and products orbit and add value to what is a complex and exciting industry."  Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Maxwell is a 3-time winner of the UKBC, serial finalist of the WBC, author, academic, co-founder of Colonna Coffee and Coffee Roaster. He is also part of our Steering Committee

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